Halo of frizz upon my head

Hey curlies,So back in February I decided to use the sulfate free Organix. Well, after 3 weeks (I wash my hair once a week), I found out that it was not sulfate free, evident by the clumps of hair I was pulling out and the frizz halo accompanying it. So I stopped using that and started using As I Am Coconut CO-wash but it hasn't recovered. It still has this annoying halo of frizz that won't cooperate. PLEASE help because I am in dire need of it. I have Type 3 curls (A-C) and this is my routine:   Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Conditioner (Detangling)As I am coconut cowash (shampoo)Aussie moist 3-min miracle (deep condition)spray with ACV~Rinse~Tresseme flawless curls conditioner (leave in)tresseme flawless curls gelloreal extraordinary oil scrunch hair with tshirtsuave curls spray gelplop for an hourAir dryMy hair is soft and shiny except for the top "layer". Should I wash my hair with  my suave clarifying shampoo andsee  if that helps or do you think it would make it worse? Thank-you sooo much in advance!

1 Answer

try using a thicker gel like Eco styler gel. I have 3b 3c-ish hair and the outer layer of my hair is super frizzy, and using Eco styler gel has really helped. I think clarifying will help, then use a deep conditioner once in a while. What I do:While hair is soaking wet( that is important), flip head over, and glide gel through hair and then scrunch. I flip my hair back over, then use a quarter size of gel and smooth the top layer of hair. Let air dry. When hair dries, it's probably flat and crunchy, so I shuffle my scalp, and scrunch my hair. Hope this helps.