Hello my hair is curly but not on the middle section it's frizzy and doesn't curl please help

1 Answer

Its possible you have damage there from heat styling or chemicals that is preventing the curl from forming. Its also possible that your moisture/protein balance is off. You could try some hair masks to see if they work. If you're still shampooing, stop, sulfates in shampoo create a lot of frizz and that could be a big step in correcting your frizz as well. Start using a sulfate free shampoo, find a really hydrating silicone free conditioner (silicones build up in your hair and can cause frizz). Start using a leave in conditioner, and if there are any salons in your area that specialize in curly hair it could be beneficial to visit one and get input from stylists that are there and can look at your hair and specifcally tell you whats going on with the frizzy parts! Good luck!