Help with adding moisture to hair

Hi! I need help adding moisture to my hair. After I wash and condition my hair, I add leave in conditioner and other moisturizing products. However, when I wake up the front part of my hair is frizzy while the back looks and still feels moisturized. I'm confused am I moisturizing my hair properly? Thank :).

2 Answers

I'd love to know which products you are using. Also how are you sleeping? How do you dry your hair? If you are using sulfates, nix those. Make sure you are sleeping with a satin scarf or a satin pillowcase. Dry your hair with a  terry cloth towel or a used t-shirt. regular towels will pull too much moisture and might snag your hair. 
I find I have the same issue with the front of my hair drying out faster and frizzing so I tend to use a little extra product in those areas or using something heavier to seal the front section like a butter and seal with an oil on the rest of my head