Please help me coach my stylist. I told my last stylist that my layers must be long. 2nd cut ruined

The first cut was great. I had curl.  The second cut, my hair is so frizzy.  When, looking at my layers.  My top layer was cut half way up my head and now it is a frizzy mess. When, my layers are long I get beautiful spirals.  Should I chop it and start over?

1 Answer

I really understand you. My hairdresser cut my hair nice first 2 time last time I cut it and it was in December I think ,she cut my top layers too short so it started to frizz. I still struggle with that but I just let it grow . It is little longer now but it is still firzzy . Haha I told my hairdresser cause I know her that I will teach her how to cut my hair.