Please help! Frizzy, PUFFY, dry hair- what do I do? (2a/b)

I seriously don't know what to do with my hair. I'm 2a/b wavy curly type and It's chronically dry, and SUPER puffy. I really want cohesive strands- not a ball of frizz. I wash my hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and argan oil conditioner, but It's not working! After I get out of the shower, I scrunch in a leave-in moisturizer, but my hair immediately starts to frizz. Some pieces get really curly- like ringlets- but some are dry and won't curl. It's like each piece wants to curl in a different direction, and they won't lie together in stands. If I don't brush it, it frizzes, and if I do, it gets puffy. Please help, what do I do!?

1 Answer

Hi TeawithIce, These are common wavy struggles. Don't worry, we can fix it. :) Sounds like you have the right idea, but a leave-in moisturizer will not stop frizz. You need a good styler with hold that will keep your waves connected and not a poof ball. You don't have to get rid of your leave-in though, you can layer it underneath your styler. I recommend Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel. It's amazing at keeping frizz away, and it glides on super easily. If you're a strict CG method kinda girl then DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel is your match. It gives great hold. Or, if you like the creamy gels, I am loving Jessicurl Spiralicious. But great gel isn't enough, you need to master a styling technique. My favorite technique is prayer hands, in which you use two hands and glide product between your hands onto your hair. I do this so that I don't have to comb my hair, because combing will cause it to poof. Prayer hands will also allow you to smooth down your cuticles and keep frizz away. There are a ton of other styling techniques that you can try, if you decide prayer hands isn't working for you. Check out this new infographic, it could help. this helps!