Help! How do I stop my top layer being frizzy??

Hi there,So, I just wondered whether anybody had any suggestions for a really frizzy and dry looking top layer of hair. Whenever I wash and style my curly hair, the top layer will always be frizzy compared to the underneath layer of my hair. It doesn't feel dry though, it is as soft as the rest of my hair, just super frizzy frizzy.I feel like I've tried so many things but I just don't know what to try anymore! Any suggestions?!I have a weird mixture of 3a and 3b curls and it is definitely naturally frizzy, the curls can really vary between proper ringlets and weird kinky curls. I use the curly girl method and wash with one conditioner then condition with another thicker conditioner and I brush it in the shower whilst it's wet.When I get out of the shower I keep my curls as wet as possible and apply some coconut oil on the ends and my scalp, use a leave in spray conditioner all over and then use Boots Curl Creme by raking it through. I don't tend to scrunch my hair like I see a lot of people recommending, for me, this seems to make my hair more frizzy even with a t-shirt or microfibre cloth (it looks frizzy even when it is wet if I scrunch), I just rake through my hair with my fingers and that seems to separate and form my curls nicely with minimal frizz. I don't get on with trying to form curls either, I've tried, on my top layer, twiddling the curl around my finger/ twisting it and it just makes it so frizzy even when wet. I normally leave it to air dry (a diffuser makes my hair so frizzy) and then de-crunch the crunch when it is dry.This works wonders for my bottom layer, bouncy, hydrated curls but my top layer is always frizzy and dry looking regardless of what I try. I've never dyed my hair but I did use to straighten it everyday when I was younger (I know! What was I thinking?!) so I am not sure whether that would have any impact on it. :negative: Apart from Halloween last year, I haven't touched my straighteners like I used to, for at least 5 years now.Anywho, please let me know if you have any tips of suggestions to help this frizzy mess! Thanks,Victoria :) xPS. edited the photos because you could see way too much of my house! 

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