Help!! I'm 12 years old 2a hair, and my hair is soo frizzy! SOS!?

I think I have very damaged hair, but I don't heat style or dye just brush it everyday....

2 Answers

My advice to you is to stop brushing it everyday, especially when it's dry. If you de-tangle your hair while it's wet, and don't touch it when it's drying, most of your frizz problems will go away. Good luck!
You're hair looks more 2b to me. It is very important to distinguish between the two because while 2a can almost be treated like straight hair, 2b cannot. You should massage your hair with olive oil about 20 minutes before you shower. Don't use conditioner. Just let your hair air dry after you get out. Blow drying will only make it way frizzier. Also, try to brush your hair less