Help my frizzy but flat hair

I am new to this site and have found it to be a fascinating resource! I learned that I have 2B hair (used to be 2C-3A but almost 5 years solid of being pregnant or breastfeeding has done a number on my hormones!). I have been no-poo for about a year now, but I can't figure out how to get some volume into my hair without making a huge frizz bomb. Before I learned about proper curl care, I shampooed and conditioned, used Tres Emme styling gel and Suave hairspray, then blow-dried, and that worked pretty well. It dried my hair out quite a bit, but most of the time it added the right amount of texture to my hair without frizzing out too much. Then I learned how bad all that was for my hair and decided to try doing it right.My hair seriously lacks texture - it is very fine and hardly holds a curl anymore, especially close to my head. It's also long - below the middle of my back - and very overdue for a trim. Gel weighs my hair down and makes it look stringy, but it still manages to frizz out around my scalp. Oils, creams, and mousses (that I've tried) do the same thing - flat but frizzy hair around my head. I have tried John Freida Frizz Ease Serum, and that works ok for a few hours (still with a good amount of frizz), but by mid-day most curl has fallen out of my hair and the next day it's just a little wavy and very frizzy. It's very soft, but so soft that it won't hold any shape but frizz.I prefer to blow-dry with a diffuser because I can't stand wet hair, but I only dry it 75%. I have tried fully letting it air dry, or rolling it up in a big t-shirt, and I haven't seen any improvement - just weird flat spots from having it in the t-shirt.Sorry I'm rambling... I have been looking at product suggestions for 2B fine hair, but I'd love it if anyone could recommend anything based on my specific issues! The main thing is getting some texture into it so it's not so fine all the time and it can hold a curl and keep some volume without becoming frizzy and straight/flat!

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I would start with a cut. It's amazing how much a difference it makes for reducing frizz, especially if it's been a while, speaking from personal experience! :) I would think you would have better success with a mousse than a gel, because it's lighter and won't weigh your hair down as much, but maybe try making your own spray gel. That works great for me for a refresher and to eliminate that afternoon frizz when it happens.
Hi graceface, Looks like you need to change up your regimen a bit. First, you said your hair is in need of trim so go get one. If you're no poo you should stick to a curly friendly salon, like a deva salon or at least go with someone who knows about texture. Do you use leave in regularly? I would try a light leave in conditioner, and focus more of it on your problem areas for frizz. I've done that before and it usually works for me. So do a light leave in, maybe a sea salt spray (something light that enhances texture) and then seal your hair while it's still wet with oil. Then, since you like to diffuse, I would diffuse upside down for more volume. However, you need to be careful with the diffuser. Don't know about you, but usually the diffuser gives me frizz at the top of my head. So to prevent this, don't turn on your blow dryer until after you've scooped up your hair. It's a nice trick that has worked for me. Scoop the hair, then turn it on, let it dry for a bit, and then turn it off and release your hair. Hope it works for you! Best of luck!