Help! No matter what I do, my hair is still extremely frizzy!

I have 2C Wavy Whirly hair (I think), and the top part of my hair is SUPER frizzy and doesn't curl very well, even though the rest of my hair does. I have tried countless conditioners, frizz serums, leave-in conditioners, extra mousse, homemade treatments, etc, and nothing has helped! 

4 Answers

I'm sorry your having so much trouble with the frizzies, I totally feel your frustrations on this topic. When I think of frizzy hair, I think of thirsty hair. Only time I see major frizz is when my hair isn't moisturized enough or its damaged. And the only time my hair has lost its curl was when it was either heat damaged or overly moisturized. Try doing a protein treatment followed by a good deep conditioner. As your styler try scrunching in a product that has some hold to it, so your curls can be smooth and maintain a curl in your trouble area.
It sounds like the top of your hair isn't getting enough conditioner. Try putting your conditioner on like you would icing on a cake... take a good amount of conditioner and put it in both hands, and then smooth it over the top of the head and down to the ends first, then put more conditioner on the ends, and then start your detangling process. Another thing you might try is rinsing upside down. That way, most of the conditioner gets rinsed out from underneath the hair, and more is left on the top. You also don't have the water spray hitting directly on your top layer. It may not seem like much, but it actually has made a huge difference for me!
Stay away from hair serums, they only dry your hair out in the long run. I too have lots of frizz issues, especially halo frizz. Some long term suggestions have been sleeping on satin pillow cases, and deep conditioning oils. I'm sure you've tried that, as well as gels, hairsprays etc. I am a recent convert to homemade flaxseed gel. You can find it in the recipe section top of the list. First thing I did was put in on my crown. This stuff works! By the way, I have coarse, porous hair that tends to want to frizz rather than curl. FSG weighed my frizzies down and defined my curls and stayed that way all day! Other tips, rinse hair in the coldest water you can stand, minimize shampoo use, use Castile soap maybe once a week, co wash with condioner. Depending on your hair texture this may work, but if you are like me, my hair still wanted to frizz and FSG has been my savior. Today, I put in a little coconut oil to smooth it and both work together amazingly well.
It probably need nourishment. Well I really like to use the hair mask from the natural haircare line Pro Naturals Hair Repair System, it works great on repairing the hair, the argan oil from their line is awesome too, it leaves your hair frizz free!