Can someone please help me! Okay so almost all my life I had regular straight hair.

It was all straight on every single part of it but then it suddenly changed. Out of nowhere it started to get really curly at the top, making it look weird because of the totally straight bottom. I don't know if it's something I did or if it happened on its own but I really hate my hair now. It's only the top layer of little hairs that get curly. Anyway then I started using a different and more expensive shampoo and the first time I used it it made a big difference but then my hair just went back to "normal'. I know this is a lot to read but please help.

1 Answer

Hi! To start out DON'T FREAK OUT! I have a friend who went through what you are going through. YOU ARE TOTALLY NORMAL!!! Some people are born with straight hair and as they grow it turns more curly. As you get older your hair may just become nice and curly or just kinda wavy. If it turns out to be curly then your on the right website! If it stays kinda wavy, and it bugs you, use that shampoo you said made it more straight, or you could straighten it. I hope this helps! Good luck!