Help! Uneven curl structure and frizz

I am trying to love my curl for the summer but after the abuse I have inflicted on it during winter I find that the curl pattern is not consistent.   Top layers are more straight, wavy while underneath is more curly and no matter what I try, it never looks nice, let alone like you would go out looking like this.   I use Ouidad products and have gone totally away from heat.   Suggestions please before I just give up and chop it off........or pull it back in a bu. for 3 months!

3 Answers

All is not lost, but you are going to need to have a little patience while your hair recovers. Especially since your hair was damaged over the winter, you want to be gentle with it. To get all your curls too look similar, do roller sets in your hair if you have rollers available. Using that style is an easy way to maintain moisture and it helps to abstain from heat damaging curling irons and flat irons. Using a bit of gel helps to mold curls and the rake through or scrunching method helps mold and form curls as well. Best of luck.
I recently bleached my hair and I'm having the same issue. I thought I'd damaged my curls to the point that they wouldn't curl anymore but then I used protein products like Aphogee with protein and quinoa and AG's Keratin Repair line. After using those my curls came back, they're not as great as they were when they were healthy but at least I have some curl back. Don't overdo it with the protein products though, I only use them once a week or so because too much protein will cause breakage. Also make sure to do weekly deep conditioning treatments. Hope that helps.
If you have frizzy hair then use sulfate free shampoo! Seriously I changed over and it makes a HUGE difference. If you get silicone free conditioner then even better. I use everything by the Pro Naturals argan oil line and I really really recommend their stuff. Especially the leave in argan oil, total lifesaver for frizzy hair.