My hair is the bane of my life. I have been growing it since 2012 and the longer it has grown the harder it is to make the waves look good.I think my hair type is between 2b/2c. Wavy ontop and the sections underneath are a tighter curl. It has low porosity, fine in width but there is a TON of it, my main problem is FRIZZ!Recently I've bought curl keeper which has changed my life and finally got rid of the bulk of frizz but I still need additional products to define the waves and I want them looking full, juicy and glossy.At the moment they are coming out mainly frizz free due to CK but are TOO defined individually and is too spirally and looks out of control, I'm feeling medusa eqsue. Not a good look. My hair takes FOREVER to dry about 10 hours to completely dry and gets weighed down if I use a ton of product and turns medusa like. Oils don't really do much for my hair, they just seem to 'sit'. Along with CK I'm using MOP water activated curl cream and a bumble and bumble frizz serum. I wash it once a week and am looking into buying the curl keeper treatment shampoo next. Atm I'm using a lanza shampoo (tried co washing to avoid frizz and it did nothing for my hair) and I use the macadamia hair mask. Any advice would be much appreciated as I've been trying to get back into heatless hair styling (Fell off the bandwagon for about 8 months and noticed SO many split ends/damage) but its so frustrating when my hair just isnt looking good!Sorry for the essay..I'd love any help! 

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Hi Jordanabevan, Sounds like frizz is your #1 concern, but you want a look that's bouncy and soft and not crunchy and stringy. Correct? Hope I got all that. LOL If your hair is TOO defined and "medusa" looking, then I think your styler has too much hold and you're using too much. Curl Keeper is awesome, so I would keep using that, but use it lightly. You say you're using MOP water curl cream, I have not heard of it, but it sounds like there's too much hold. First, try using less of it on your hair to see if that helps. If it doesn't, it may be time to invest in a new curl cream or gel. I LOVE DevaCurl Light Defining Gel. It has just enough hold for me but NO crunch. My waves are usually light and airy, very natural looking. Or, if gels aren't your thing, one of my favorite mousses is Pantene No Crunch Whip. No crunch is in the name for a reason. Haha. I hope that helps. Medusa looking waves are a result of too product in your hair, and usually means your hair didn't dry properly. If you have low-porosity hair, that means your product is clogging your hair pores and keeping them from breathing and being bouncy! Try using less product and let your waves breathe. :) And remember, a little water usually helps to get too much product off. Good luck!