Hi Curlies! How do I figure out this curl pattern?

Hi curlies! I've been growing my hair out for about 4 months now and I still have no idea about my curl pattern. As a kid my curls were really pretty, but... I don't recall having much shrinkage because I did have really long hair, but the curls were never defined and I had a ton of frizz. I've been relaxing since around 16, I'm now 28. What's growing is definitely s shaped spirals, but tightly packed. So I'm guessing I'm in the 3b/3c range. I have low porosity and what i'm struggling with is frizz. I'm following the loc method, deep conditioning, washing once a week with Shea moisture thick and curly line, sleeping in a satin cap, cowashing, but still frizz. I know a lot of it has to be new growth, but I'm just worried I'm going to hate my natural hair. My mom is hispanic with bone straight hair and looking back stylist were never very helpful in how to maintain my curls once dry, as you can see in the photo. They would tell me to put pink lady moisturizer and gel my hair into braids. Has anyone had a similar experience or have hair that sounds similar? I'm just frustrated with not knowing what my hair when styled and maintained properly could potentially look like. Thanks!

1 Answer

I should probably say that 4 months is probably still too early to try and guess your hair type, especially with your hair length. I've been transitioning and cutting my hair along the way (it's now half and half) for a year now and I'm only tentative when guessing my hair type. Most people say wait at least 6 months before even trying to guess.Also, I wouldn't put much weight on the hair you had a child. Mainly, because our hair characteristics are very lightly to change as we grow up. I wouldn't put much weight on length either. As a child, you were shorter so  waist length hair then wouldn't be the same length now.I'm still trying to deal with frizz now and my hispanic mom doesn't have much knowledge (all relaxed/ straightened/close cropped hair family members) about coily hair. The spirals though probably indicate ancything from 3b to 4a though.