Hi, every morning I have very frizzy hair - what can I do for satisfied curls without wetting it?3B

2 Answers

you could probably try different gels or moisturiser  that doesn't way your natural hair down . 
Hi there! Definitely a good way to get second-day curls is to use products with hold. It's definitely important that your hair is well moisturized, but if you don't use products with hold, it could end up frizzy or undefined overnight. A gel is your best bet. Another good thing to do is to time your showers so your hair is dry right before you go to bed. Going to bed with wet hair is a no-no, and it will end up squished and weird! But, if your hair dries right before bed, you don't have to scrunch out the gel cast- you can leave it in overnight. This will help protect your curls while you sleep.Sleeping is also important. You can put your hair in a pineapple (a very high ponytail) or just in a loose bun. Definitely sleep on a satin pillowcase- that helped me so much!In the morning, take down your pineapple or bun, mix together some leave-in conditioner with water, and smooth it over any frizzy parts. Hope I helped :)