How can I control my ridiculous amount of frizz?

My hair is extremely frizzy and when I straighten it or leave it curly and I go to school, it becomes frizzy after at least 30 minutes. Mainly due to the strong winds outside. How can I prevent it?

4 Answers

Stop straightening! Get your hair healthy by cutting off damaged ends and deep condition.
This is weird but I use water based personal lubricant to keep my curls and control frizz.... The KY brand is great but any genric version is good too.. I use the Target brand... 
Straightening your hair is a no-no especially in your situation. Cut off those damaged ends and make sure not to shampoo everyday. Condition your hair to moisturize and help protect your hair from damaging by letting it go natural. :D
Yes stop straighting and mosterize mosterize mosterize!! Good luck