How can I get my curl back?

Hi everyone!So, my hair is naturally curly as I am mixed race. It used to be 3a/b; however, as I have gotten older (I'm now 16) my hair seems to have just lost its curl. It's now about 2c but it has A LOT of volume and frizz :( I'm desperate to get my bouncy, defined curls back!! please help, I'm open to any suggestions! Thanks:)

1 Answer

Hi there! You can try co washing with conditioner like suave naturals or Vo5 to help moisturize your hair and help cut down with frizz. You can also use a sulfate free shampoo that will eliminate the drying effects that come from sulfates from regular shampoos.Silicone free gels and leave in condioners can also help with volume control. It might take your hair a while to adjust to this method, but it will be alot more defined and healthier. And maybe even curlier (: check out waterlily716 on youtube, she has a great channel with natural hair tips for curly hair. or shalimarcat, her hair is slightly more wavy. I hope this info helps you ^·^