How do I control frizz I have so many hair product but none of them seem to work what can I do?

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Hey Embymorris,Gotta figure out what's causing the frizz first. What has worked for me are these 5 things, detangling, cold water rinses, cream gels, hair cuts, and leaving my hair alone.Good Reads: 6 Ways to Beat Frizzy Hair15 Essential No-Frizz TipsWhat is Frizzy Hair & How to Stop ItWatch: How To Fight Frizz | Fav Frizz FightersHope this helps
first of all make sure you are NOT using any kind of shampoo- even if its sulfate free it will still most likely cause frizz. 2nd never use products with silicones. 3rd never use a towel to dry your hair. now for products I recommend organix Moroccan smooth perfection blow out cream first, it does a great job of hydrating hair & controlling frizz. next seal with an oil- I recommend olive oil but just make sure to only use a little bit depending on how much hair you have. lastly use a gel to hold and define your curls while locking out frizz. I recommend la bella lots of curls gel. its pink & I can get it from walmart for a dollar & some change & it comes in a HUGE bottle. It creates soft defined frizz free curls. I smooth all these products onto my hair in sections, starting with the Moroccan smooth perfection, then he oil & lastly the gel. after I have amoothed the gel onto all of my hair, I then scrunch all of my hair lightly with a cotton tee shirt & then just let it air dry & scrunch out any crunch once it is fully dry. if it  gets frizzy at all through out the day, I just smooth some of the shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curl & style milk onto my hair & poof the frizz is gone & my hair looks soft & shiny! hope this helps!
Hi! After a shower use a bit of argan oil on your hair and it'll make it really soft and shiny, helps a lot with frizz too. I use the argan oil from the Pro Natural's brand, if you want a good quality one. Don't get cheapo argan oil, those aren't the real deal.
I have 3b/c hair and my hair can get suuuuuper poofy! the way I stop the frizz is by leaving in conditioner, the curly girl method, and deep conditoners. Products alone won't help stop frizz completely, having properly hydrated hair is the key: 1 leaving in conditoner has helped the frizz so much. How I do it is in the shower, I co wash my scalp with v05 conditoner, then I'll condition and detangle with suave naturals conditioner. Then I'll put my hair up for the remainder of my shower. At the end, I'll put the water on cold, cup my hands under the water, and splash my hair a few times. The key to this is using a good silicone free conditioner2 the Curly girl method helped my hair so much: it helped my hair be so much more hydrated andmy curls are defined and have barely any frizz3 regular deep conditoners have helped my hair stay defined and frizz free Hope this helps