How do I curl and control frizz in some pieces of hair framing my face?

 I have 3a natural curls and they're pretty manageable for the most part, but the pieces of hair framing my face have no texture and aren't curled together, they're frizzy and dry! How do I add moisture and create the curly texture that the rest of my hair has?

1 Answer

I have 3B hair, but I definitely understand where you are coming from. Here's what I do:You will need- Flexi Rods, scarf/hair wrap, Moisture or curl cream/milk/liquid (Optional).In order for this to work, you have to do it before you go to sleep --->Step 1: Divide your top hair/outer hair (The hair that shows) from your bottom hair (the hair under your outer hair). This step is easier if you have layers. If you don't thats fine too :)Step 2: Roll your outer hair in BIG sections with flexi rods. This should take at the very most 6 rods, but I usually use 4-5. Step 3: At this point, your bottom hair should be out, and the top half of your hair all rolled up. Moisturize/style the bottom section however you please.Step 4: Wrap the top portion of your hair with the scarf, so that the flexi rods will hold as you sleep.Step 5: Sleep :)Step 6: In the morning, take off the scarf, and take out the flexi rods. You will notice that the parts that were rolled have much more shrinkage, and definition to them. Step 7: Take apart, and shake the curls, so that they don't look so Shirley temple like. Step 8: Now, there should be shape to your hair, considering the top section is so defined, and shorter than the bottom section. Without messing with your hair too much, apply any moisture product to your hair as necessary. **TIPS**- While wrapping your hair in the flexi rods, try applying some cream or product to each strand your about to wrap. This makes the curls more shiny and less frizzy- Look on You Tube about Flexi rods before trying to use them on your own- I REALLY recommend the brand Shea Moisture. This product especially never fails at moisturizing, defining, and taking away frizz: is another great product from shea moisture (It's a little sticky, but smells WONDERFUL):