How do I drip dry when my hair touches my clothes and dries from the ends up?

I'm new to curly girl methods (because I never knew until recently that I had curls - long story) and I'm noticing that when I let my hair drip dry, the ends that brush against my clothing are losing their moisture and the curl super fast.  The ends then look frizzy all day and are not as curly as the rest of my hair.  Above the shoulders - big bouncy curls.  Below the shoulders - meh wavy hair.  How can I stop my clothes from towel drying my hair for me?

2 Answers

By drip dry you mean air dry right? Honestly, the idea isnt just to let dry just hanging around. You have seal it with an oil or butter and put it in a low manipulation style. Or else your ends will dry out, get frizzy, become tangled and even break easily over time
Maybe diffuse the ends? Lift the ends up with the bowl of the diffuser so they dry faster and shrink a bit off your shoulders.