How do I get rid of frizzy hair?

Okay, so for starters I'm 14. I have breast length, I have dark, wavy savy hair. And it's very FRIZZY!!!I've tried almost every product to get rid of my frizzy hair. School is about to start and I want to find a way to get ditch the frizz and get silky, soft, and shiny hair, how do I do this? My sister who is twelve has the same problem and I'm trying to find a product for both of us. Help us please!!!!

3 Answers

im 14 too and have suuuuuuper thick hair! the first tip which you might not be able to do yet is get a greeaaaat haircut. okay but that wont help you everyday so yeah.1 tooooons of conditioner and i mean tons!2 aussie mousse is great!3 a little bit of gel through the hair help those stupid hairs that just stick up on the sides4 brush before you get in the shower5 dont touch it unless you have to6 dont use alot of updos (buns ponytail etc) it just snaps hair! Im a volleyball player and have to pull my hair up, so i try to braid it then put it in a bun, it helps!7 a little hairspray on the hairbrush when you brush8 no heat styles (those highschool boys will like your curly hair anyways :))9 flip your hair upside down and scrunch8 use a diffuser to dry10 (my numbering is jacked up :)) 11 hairspray while you scrunch12 gel spray ( herbal essence makes some!)
1) The weather where you live might also play a part in your frizzy hair. I used to live in a humid climate and my hair was always frizzy but now I live in a dry climate and I have noticed that I don't have as much frizz.2) You said you were 14 years old. I noticed that once I finished puberty, some of my frizz went away. I would have to agree with the what the other person posted about up-dos. Use them as little as possible and if you do put your hair up, make sure you use an elastic that does NOT have one of those metal bars on them and make it a loose ponytail. Pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail pulls as the hair that frames your face (the finest hairs you have).
I had the exact same problem! But I found AMAZING hair care products that will work. First off, I suggest the curly girl method (shampoo, condition, & use products without silicone, sulfate, and alcohols). DevaCurls shampoo & conditioner is perfect for that. Also, styling products I've found to work for beautifully defined curls without frizz is the Shea Moisture line. it's brilliant. you can find DevaCurls products at Ulta and the Shea moisture line at Sally's Beauty Supply. Also, at night sleep with a satin cap on to avoid frizz and long-lasting curls. Hope this helped! XOXO