How do I maintain the look that my curls have when they're wet?

After washing my 3b hair, my curls look nice and defined. After a few hours they start to poof at the roots and eventually my entire head. My hair eventually stiffens instead of being able to fall like before. I've searched and tried so many hair care routines !

2 Answers

Do you use any products in your hair? Most curlies swear that adding a gel to their soaking wet curls helps immensely. Try scrunching in a curl enhancing gel into your wet hair and scrunch out the excess water. You should hear a squish sound. lol. Then seal your cuticles with some oil. That should keep the poof to a minimum. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.  
I also have 3b hair.  I really like more of the hair lotions over gels.  That's just a personal preference.  Right now I really like the Shea Moisture line (check out Walgreens or Target for it).  I like the Curl Style Milk and the Smoothie.  Smells awesome, keeps my curls defined AND leaves them soft.  The texture and thickness of your hair will make a difference one what works better for you.  I have super thick hair thats rather coarse.  I recently discovered this person on YouTube and she has some great videos.  If you have time, check out Waterlily716.  There are videos of her whole routine to give you a starting point and some ideas.