How do I make my hair less frizzy without using a ton of gel?

Okay, so I have been trying for years, but frizz and fly aways just love my hair. The only way to keep it tamed is to use like a whole lot of gel (I use aloe vera because I'm all about the 'natural' life) but I hate the way it feels in my hair. Any advice/tips on controlling my hair? P.S. this is what my hair looks like

3 Answers

You need more moisture and curl definiton. Use creams to define your hair and keep the frizz away instead of gel. Shea moisture has great natural products. Also deep condition regularly
Girl I feel for you cause my hair was at that point and a little bit past that. I used this orange juice treatment. I'm warning you though that orange juice is a different ph then normal hair ph BUT that WILL be changed back and when you are done you get great hair. You have to just get in the shower wet your hair then apply orange juice somehow it would probably be a good idea to just use a spray bottle in the shower but I poured it cause I can do that but just because I can control how it flows but just use a spray bottle and spray it on. Then leave it in while you do other stuff then wash it out and out your conditioner in and leave it in as long as you would x3 that gives you tons of moisture and softness with the frizz less hair that you will have then wash it out and style and dry the way you would. But I recommend no heat just so you don't trigger any. Frizz or flyaways. Don't do this too often cause it could potentially be damaging so use it like 1 every two weeks or however you you are comfortable with.
Oh yah I forgot to say that it looks like you have a lot of unhealthy hair so it would be best to just cut as much as you are comfortable with it and grow it back treating it as if it was a baby.