How do you keep 3c/4a TWA hair from tangling, and matting when sleeping?

The longer my TWA gets the harder it is to protect from damage. When I go to sleep, I sleep on a satin pillowcase, or I wear a silk cap, but regardless of what I do, when I wake up my hair is flat and matted. At two inches, it's too short to twist or braid before bed without taking up too much time. In order to loosen the knots, and un-flatten my matted hair I have to wash and detangle every morning and repeat the process the next day. All of this manipulation is stripping my hair of its natural oils and making it feel like sandpaper--The cool weather isn't helping much either. If I can get my hair to at least 4 inches in length, I can braid it to protect it at night, but If I keep having to manipulate it like I do, I won't see for inches because it's going to be brittle and broken off. What ways have worked for you as far as protecting your short hair at night from tangling and matting?

3 Answers

Wow!  Sounds like you're already doing all the usual tricks. Do you use a leave-in conditioner? Have you tried jojoba oil?
If you hair is well moisturised and you don't have any split ends then your hair shouldn't tangle.  Get your hair trimmed  making sure the stylist uses scissors not clippers to get rid of split ends, try the LOC method and deep condition your hair once a week.
Try putting a good amount of oil in your hair before you go to sleep to loosen up what might be knots/tangles in the morning. Here are some items to try next time: