How should I control my hair frizzy in June for a beach wedding?

i'm a bridesmaid and the bride is having her wedding at the beach in June. the many times I have been at the beach my hair gets frizzy and some products work and others don't but since i'm a bridesmaid she wants us to wear our hair in a bun and few strands of our hair loose in the front but what i'm worried about is my frizzy hair. can anyone give me advice on what should i do to control my frizzy hair at the wedding?

3 Answers

I would recommend using mixed chicks leave in conditioner no matter your hair type it works great it's about 12-20 dollars at target, Wal-Mart, or your neighborhood beauty supply
Use sulfate free shampoos since sulfates dry hair out and that's never good for frizzy hair. Also use some oil on your hair after a shower to smooth the frizz down, not like an oily oil, you can use argan oil because its the lightest and it has more benefits for hair, it wont make your hair greasy at all. I use one called Pro Natural’s argan oil, it has no silicones so it wont make your hair heavy, you pump some out and use it on your damp hair. That same brand has an awesome argan oil shampoo and conditioner if you want to go all the way.
There are so many styles that are perfect for beach weddings and you don't have to worry about frizz at all. Moisturize and seal. Messy buns with flowers either high, low or on the side always look great and the messiness and flowers camouflage any parts that might look frizzy. Maybe she would accept a rolled look. Rolls look beautiful and frame any face nicely. Add a sock if you need more volume. There are countless lovely braids: fishtails, Dutch, crowns. You might braid the crown and keep the bun. Twist or braid the sides and take them out at the last minute. Beach weddings mean you don't want to look too fussy.