How to get rid of "in the curl frizz" ?

It's like spider webs between my curls. I need a CG product to get rid of the frizz. Do I need moisture? I am using the LA Looks gel and Ecostyler. Thanks.

2 Answers

Have you tried Curl Keeper? It's a great frizz-buster. Yeah, you should be deep conditioning, too. And don't handle your hair. The more you touch it, the frizzier it gets. 
"in the curl frizz" is a product of individual strands coming apart from the main curl, something I am also struggling with. What helps is a nice strong hold gel and plenty of moisture. Curl Keeper works well. You might also want to try twisting your strands and curling them around your finger for added control. Absolutely no touching when drying, and keep the handling to a minimum even after it's dry. I always get this kind of frizz when people play with my hair.