How to keep my hair nice and curly like it is after i towel dry my hair before it then becomes a mes

I have long curly hair and my normal twice a week routine is to shampoo and conditioner my hair with tresemme products, comb it through with the conditioner in and then wash it out where i then towel dry it, once i take it out the towel i absolutely love it, its slightly damp still but is a nice length the curls are lovely and its not too thick, but 15 minutes later it getsbigger  and bigger, how do i keep it nice like it was when i too it out the towel?bo

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By the way i forgotto mention in my profile picture there the curls when i love them, hwo do i keep them like that?
Of course your hair is going to change! Curly hair is extremely different when its wet than when its dry. Just add some styling product while its wet and learn how to love it when its dry! Big curly hair is awesome! And if you don't love your hair the way it is dry, your going to have a big problem with it.Another you could do it put it into two French braids while it is wet and leave it like that until its dry. That way when you take it out of the braids its wavy and elongated.Hope that this helps! And I hope you find a way to love your hair the way it is naturally! 
But its only slightly wet its not soaking or anything!thanks though:/
I use Bed Head anti-friz serum. It is a teal color and comes on a little container. It keeps my hair looking the same as when it is wet. My hair doesn't get big or poofy anymore!