How to prevent frizz on days 2 and 3 for 2B/3A hair w/o getting it completely wet again?

I am a recovering flat iron user - no heat products for 1 yr and have been trying to figure out how to manage my hair that is 2B on top and more 3A underneath.  I use the deva curl 3 step which is good for day 1 and sometimes day 2, but I get a lot of frizz after that.  I try to only do a cleanse and full condition twice per week because it takes so long to dry.  I have tried just wetting it some on off days and using spray gel, but I get so much frizz increasing as the day goes on.  Any suggestions for preventing this?  I do pineapple my hair at night and use a silk scarf.  I am desperate!  I hate to keep buying products that I don't know if they work or if they are good for my hair.

1 Answer

I'm not sure you can. I always have frizz on the second day. I just live with it. Jessicurl's Awe Inspiraling is a good product to try to reform the curl.