How to prevent shrinkage and frizz?

I have 3c hair and whenever I wet my hair, dry it and apply products to my damp hair, I notice that my hair shrinks, add more frizz and my curls become much more tighter. When I blow dry my hair, pick out my hair and apply products to it whiles it's dry, it becomes less shrinked and without any frizz, also my curls are more looser and defined. What can I do to prevent my hair from shrinking, frizzing and becoming tight when it's damped because I don't want to rely on always blow drying my hair because I know heat isn't good. Any types from you ladies that have way more knowledge than me with curly hair. I am a male and my hair is also 5" long if I pull my curls. 

3 Answers

you can't really prevent shrinkage, but oils and gels help control frizz. 
Hey there, when I want stretched hair, I usually do a braid out on damp hair (with product) and let my hair air dry in like 8-10 braids. This is a good way to nix the heat. For frizz control, I try to make sure my hair is thoroughly moisturized and sealed with oil. For you... since you have 5 inches of hair, man... I say you embrace the shrinkage and let it grow. Shrinkage is a good sign that your hair is healthy, i.e.  your curls are bouncing back. If you can't stand the frizz, you MUST try that LOC method. It's a frizz killer. Also read this:
here is a great video our vlogger, Val created recently: