I am a 2c.Throughout the day,my curls loosen so I have a huge ball of frizz.What should I do?

I'm a teenager, so I can't buy anything special. I want to find something I can do at home regularly, with no fuss.

2 Answers

What products are you using currently? A simple leave in conditioner and a gel might work, both without silicones if you use the cg method.
Styling products are probably the key for your hair. If your hair is fine textured, a product with hold and control will help keep your style throughout the day. If it tends to be dry, filling it with good moisture, such as oils or leave-ins, will help keep bad moisture (humidity) from ruining your style. For any hair type, I would also recommend a light-to-medium hold hairspray (without alcohol!) because they seal the cuticle of the hair against humidity. Also, try to train yourself to not play with your hair too much. The more you touch your curls, even after they've dried, the more you will break up and separate them, creating bushiness and frizz.