I have 3b hair and am going to VA for school.No experience with humidity(from CO)any help w/ fizz?

I'm going to school in VA starting this summer. I'm from Colorado and never experienced humidity before. Any tips or suggestions? I usually use "small talk" by bed head for my hair and do the pineapple thing at night, but is there anything else I could do to control it? Thank you SO much for your help!

2 Answers

I live in the northwest so humidity is a constant problem, and curl cremes seem to be the only thing that help. I gave up on oils and hair spray as well. Instead, if you have a crazy layer of frizz toward the top put a little gel in your hands with water and slick down the frizz. Then GENTLY scrunch your curls back to life if they get to flat. 
I have lived in VA my entire life---and yes, the humidity is crazy in the summer. I'm used to it but I hope it doesn't knock you in the face when you get here! I recommend stepping up the hold factor--adding in a CG friendly gel or mousse. Sometimes the humidity factor is over 90% here, and then I sort of just let me hair do it's thing. I embrace the frizz. I also incorporate more styled hair aka putting my hair up just to get it off my neck. It's so hot sometimes. Good luck and welcome to VA!