I have a a 3c/4a curl pattern and the crown curly but the middle is rough not what can i do?

Its like the crown is smooth, healthy and manageable but the middle is so rough and won't stay curly for anything in the world any good curl cremes or jelly's that are reasonable? Thanks!

1 Answer

You might just be my hair twin, lol.  My nickname for my crown is 'rough side of the mountain'. You're definitely not alone in your frustration.  Focus on process and technique, not product.  There's no magic potion that will make the middle of your hair behave like rest.  If the part in the middle is kinkier, try using more product, or a butter based product such as I Can't Believe It's Knot Butta by Soultanical for increased manageability.  Other than learning to live with your multi-textured head, you can manipulate your strands with twists, braids, curl sets and Bantu knots, so that they have a uniform appearance.  It takes a little work but you can definitely have more control over your middle.