I have 4A hair, and it's always frizzy...what am I doing wrong?

No matter what type of product I put in my hair, when I take it down, it looks great, and as soon as I go outside, it frizzes into a full blown afro. What am I missing?

4 Answers

Good afternoon ehowell25,Frizz is not always a bad thing, especially for Type 4 textures. Check out the article Frizz: A Result of Nature or Nurture?Best,Amanda
I can sympathize, my hair can sometimes get really poofy after it's finished drying. I think your hair looks pretty in both of your pics, but I definitely understand wanting a more defined style on occasion. I'm assuming when you say, 'take it down', you mean out of twists? If so, are they completely dry when you take the twists out? Maybe try smoothing a mixture of gel & leave-in down each lock as you remove them from the twist; not enough to wet the hair, just enough to give a very light coating. Then make sure your hair is dry again before you go out.
I agree with AmandaEvolves, frizz isn't always bad for 4a hair! Sometimes, that's just the way your hair wants to roll.But if it's really causing you issues, perhaps check out the products you're already using? If they're really humectant (watch out for glycerin!!) laden, then your hair's probably going to frizz up easier (found that out the hard way with some Shea Moisture products!).Also, watch how you're taking your hair down, maybe? Are you fluffing it out a lot? Did you use any sort of product to help take it down? I find using a light oil to take down styles helps keep frizz at bay.Hope this helps!
always add moisture like leave in conditioner. Love your hair!!! Is it cut short like in the picture in this post or just pulled back? Xoxo I know I didn't really help but I love your hair!