How do I keep my 4b/c hair from becoming a frizzy/ fuzzy mess?

I live in Miami and it is humid ALL YEAR ROUND!! I have tried twist outs and braid outs only for it to look like a giant puffball 10 minutes after I walk out the door. I was wondering how to keep my hair moisturized and how to make it retain a style.

1 Answer

You will need to seal your styles with anti-humectant products. Stay away from glycerin in your sealing products, which is a humectant and will draw water to your hair. Make sure you moisturize you hair very well after washing. Use a water-based (first ingredient is water) moisturizer, without mineral oil or petrolatum in it. I like SheaMoisture Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk and Oyin Handmade Hair Dew but there are plenty of others. Then use an oil or butter or curl creme with oil/butter in it (like: You can then use a gel to lock in moisture and lock out the moisture that causes frizz. If you use a gel-like curl creme you might not need a gel. Well-moisturized hair resists frizz and hair style with medium to strong hold gel will also help stop frizz. I hope that helps!