How do i best define and control my 2c/3a Fine, dense, (medium porosity i think) FRIZZY hair??

From what i have read, I am doing it all right. Deep condition once a week before washing with a low poo. Co wash maybe once or twice a week if i need it. After conditioning and rinse out, i use curl junkie coffee coco creme lite followed by kk curling custard.. i pin my hair as in the devacurl method and hood dry. Remove clips... scrunch upside sown..There is never definition day one. It is soft and flexible, but no definition and zero volume.Day two.. i will spritz with water and kk leave in and scrunch upside down. I may also apply a bit more cj coffee coco cream lite. Scrunch. Diffuse a bt. Perfect dedoned and volumous curls! For about 1 hour then it all gets frizzy and or falls flat. Any styling assistance for me?I have a mix of 2c 3a curls (dependong on the day) and medium porosity. It is fine but very dense and long. 

1 Answer

Have you ever tried no hood drying and no diffusing? I have the same hair type and once it is out of the plop I just finger curls in place and very lightly diffuse the crown and then I do not touch it until it's dry and I have very little frizz now. Another thing...maybe your gel isn't strong enough. I use As I Am Curling Jelly for good definition and very little cast. Hope this helps. Christine