I cannot control my frizz at all; not sure whether my ends or damaged or what?

Hello, i'm a white and black mix guy with a mix of both hair types obviously haha, and I have no idea how to control the frizz in my hair at all. It basically only looks controlled the day i get a haircut, but here is what it looks like a good days which rarely occurs. And then then the last pic is what it usually looks like, frizzy out of control nonsense.Most of the time it is majorly frizzy, and also the back middle portion used to be practically dead I should say because it would even curl it was just a patch of picked out frizzy hair is what it looked like. However I started to use Hawaiian Silky Miracle worker 14 in 1 as a moisturizer and then followed by Orlando Pita Argan Rejuvenating treatment oil right when I get out of the shower at morning and night. This has helped restore the back-top side a little, considering it starts to curl now but is majorly frizzy. I just want to know if their is better products to really help control my frizz and restore my hair? I also use once a week ORS Olive Oil Hydrating Shampoo Sulfate free and Fructis Sleek and Shine anti frizz conditioner every 3 days. I also started getting a deep condition once a month, so I guess maybe I should give my products more time to restore my hair, or maybe I'm just tripping and it's not THAT ugly looking to me as it seems. (It's also a lot longer than it seems by the way, it looks like kid n play possibly when picked out)

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