How can I control my frizz and tone down my volume?

I feel like no matter what I do I can't seem to control my frizzy and overly voluminous hair!I make sure to section my hair and thoroughly saturate product all throughout but within a few hours the back of my head is frizzy and poofy all over again! And what are good products to tone down volume, I see a lot of people trying to create lift at their roots but I just want the total opposite! P.S. I have long 3b curls (goes down to my lower back when curly, and high density, medium width strands. I'm still not entirely sure about my hair's porosity, I thought it might be high due to how incredibly sensitive it is to humidity, but on the other hand it takes my hair a while to absorb water (but THEN again that may just be due to the fact I have soo much hair) and I did the water test and one strand floated and the other sank, so there's that lol. As you can see I'm really confused, so any help would be appreciated! (i've also never dyed my hair or put any relaxers or anything I just occasionally straighten like a few times per year for special occasions) the pics i attached are months old but illustrates my volume and frizzy problem haha, like even in the pic where my hair is wet you can already see some frizzes gathering underneath making my hair super poofy)

2 Answers

Try putting the product in your hair when it is soaking wet.  Evenly distribute it with your fingers. Wrap it in a t-shirt or a microfiber towel for up to 10 mins, and air dry the rest of the way.  I've had good luck doing this with Cantu Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream.  You also may not have found the right product and/or routine yet.  It took me literally years to find out what worked for me.  Don't give up! I hope this helps! 
I have type 3a/b curls. I use two hair products: Sebastian potion 9 and an argon oil. I think what you need is the argon, I use it for making my hair look softer/sleeker and controlling volume. The oil makes my hair softer and less frizzy and weighs it down so it doesnt get too puffy. I dont think you need specifically argon oil but I think you should try an oil product. The other product I use for sculpting and definition but it also does help control frizz. Hope I helped!