How do I control this outer frizz since going CG? It's driving me crazy.

Preface: I despise frizz! lol. Since going CG my hair has never felt better, shinier and healthier! However, now I can't control the frizz and I suspect it's from removing silicone-based stylers. I've tried SM milk, SM smoothie, SM souffle gel, ECO gel, Garnier gel, Beautiful Curls Styling Cream, Coconut & Jojoba oils, and Leave-in conditioners to no avail. I've also tried multiple layering of all these products as well as by themselves. Also, DevaCurl products made me itch and frizz terribly :( My hair is fine and thin and the frizz is the outer layer of my hair. Should I add a silicone-based styler and occasionally use a clarifying shampoo? 

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