How can I create more curls and less frizz?

My hair always looks frizzy no matter what. I always spray my hair with a mixture of aloe vera, evoo, coconut oil, and a bit of tea tree and almond oil with water then I seal it with either coconut oil or evoo, and when I do that it looks alright. About 10 or 30 minutes later it looks extremely dry, feels extremely dry and is frizzy. How can I prevent that from happening and define my curls and make my hair look shiny and frizz free?

1 Answer

To create less frizz one thing I like to do is try different hair masks! There are some cheap ones out there but you can also find ome pretty inexpinsive ones to make. Also, you shoud always be eating healthy and drinking lots of water it will help your hair a lot! Hope I could help:)