How should I deal with weird fluffy hair which isn't consistent or defined?

Hello again,So as i mentioned in another question I'm a curly hair care newb and in the process of trying to understand and cooperate with my natural hair!My knowledge on looking after my curls has increased and i'm transitioning my hair into getting used to the curly girl method, and its somewhat getting there however i'm not quite getting the results i'd like yet.My hair is extremely thick and very very frizzy and i'm not sure how to resolve the issue. I'm also unsure of my curl type because it's so inconsistent and different throughout my hair. I'd be grateful for any advice on how to tame my monster hair.From looking at the photos below, what hair type am I, and what would you recommend  in terms of frizz control, hair cuts and everyday hairstyles?Thanks for reading :)extra info------------------------------------I use:Palmer's coconut oil formula conditioning shampooJohn Frieda frizz ease dream curls conditioner (curls not too dreamy tho lol)Vatika coconut oilShea moisture curl enhancing smoothie

1 Answer

Well, I have 2b hair type. My hair has always been frizzy, until now. I've started using apple cider vinegar mixed with a little water. What it does is smooth the hair cuticles and grab the build up of grime and nutrients in your hair. I PROMISE it works! My hair is now smooth and shiny! Since we have the same hair type, I'm pretty sure it would work on your hair. Also, for other hair masks for beautiful healthy hair, mix 1 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar, 1 cup of water, and 2 tablespoons of honey. This strengthens your hair and leaves it feeling fresh! First, you want to get your hair wet with warm water. Then, you want to either pour the mixture all over your hair or spray it then pour it ( I suggest to spray then pour). Next you want to massage the serum into your scalp and then all the way down your hair. After your hair is completely covered, rinse it thouroughly with cool/cold water.Then lastly shampoo and condition your hair normally. Let your hair air dry and then brush and style how you want.     Hope I helped!