I am determined to natural but am now noticing my hair was VERY dry!! Please Help!

I have decided to go natural this year, but my hair is very,very dry. I tried a few things, and switched to a sulfate free shampoo (once a week) and silicone free conditioner for in between. I have tried a few home and bought conditioners, but they just seemed to make my hair drier!!! I don't want to damage it anymore. Any highly trusted products or recommendations???? Thanks!! I have 3a hair.

3 Answers

try the loc method try searching youtube for people with 3a hair type and how they moisturize there hair. Find a oil and leave in that works for you 
Thanks for answering! I have done a little digging. Does olive oil attract humectants? It's the only oil I currently have.
Try pre-poo treatments with your favourite oil like sweet almond or olive oil. I personally use organic coconut oil in my hair twice a week. I heat up about 2 tspn of coconut oil separately in a bowl of warm water (yes 2 tspn because I hate the greasy look!) . Then massage into my hair and scalp, concentrating on the ends. I leave it on overnight or for a full day because the longer I leave it in, the more bouncy and softer my hair is. If I leave it in during the day, I just make a french braid or messy bun. Then shampoo and condition as normal with your preferred shampoo and conditioner. Remember you can add as much oil to your hair as you want but you may want to avoid putting in too much in case its a mission to wash out. Try this for a month or so and see if it helps but you need to stick to it long-term.