i don't know what to do anymore! 3B

I have awful frizz, I'd say I'm now a pro with controlling curly hair frizz, I've styled my other curly friends and there hair stays and it's beautiful, last all day no frizz but with my hair no matter what I do my hair will always end up frizzing or getting ridiculously big it's really frustrating, I've tried kinky curly shea moister and so much more, I've used gels and mouse and milks and custards I've used a lot I've used a little I literally don't know what to do anymore, I can only wear my hair down for maybe an hour without it getting massive, and I don't wanna cut it because it'll just turn into a fro, i do bleach and dye my hair (not often my hair is very well taken care of and soft) but it's dry and big and ringlet-y someone help me out!!!

1 Answer

Hey there! You sound like your in big trouble. I suggest you don't dye and especially DON'T bleach your hair. It basically kills your hair and you can't get it back. I suggest you grow out your hair and cut it. Meanwhile your hair is growing, you can deal with frizz by rinsing your hair with cold water and apple cider vinegar because they seal the hair cuticles. You should also avoid glycerin. I suggest you use flaxseed gel because it's natural but has strong hold. Avoid hot water at all times. Also you should use products with natural ingredients. Make sure your shampoo contains no sulfates either. Hope I helped!-Rahmat The Hair Obsessed 12 Year Old