I have easy to manage long curly hair I brush out in shower& w conditioner &when it air dries =friz

Hi I have really long and curly hair and it's easy to manage for the most part. Lately i've been avoiding using heat in my curls and just letting it go free. I brush it out in the shower w conditioner and usually leave it in. The products work and i don't want to put more chemicals in my hair. The problem is, my hair gets really frizzy when it curls. I have braided it while it was still wet, avoided towels& blow drys but it still FRIZZES. I know some sites say use wide toothed combs but then what. Do you just leave it? Can you braid it at night to sleep? Or do you just sleep on your (wet) hair

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Hiya. It's good that you're letting your curls go free. You said that you don't want to put more chemicals in your hair, are you using a leve in conditioner with silicones? A wide tooth comb is really something you need when having curls, you can also use your fingers tho. By brushing your hair you're just separating the curls and it might 'brush out' the curls pattern, especially when it's done dry. After conditioning your hair in the shower just make your way through the tangles (if there are any). Start at the bottom and work your way up. Let your hair air dry after you've put your styling products in your hair. Don't sleep on wet hair, that might cause breakage and tangles since wet hair is vulnerable.The LCO method is also something that helps reducing frizz, first you put year Leave in conditioner in, then a thicker Cream and after that an Oil to lock the moisture. It's also possible to replace the oil by a gel like ecostyler.