I always have frizz on the top back of my hair, even when my hair is wet. How do I get rid of it?

I have 3 (curly) type hair. It goes gradually (from bottom to top) from 3c to 3a (sometimes only 3c-3b, it has its days). The hair on the top back of my hair (the crown) is always very undefined, frizzy, and poofy, no matter how much attention I give it. If I put creams or oils on it, it will still be poofy, undefined and frizzy, just soft or oily, respectively. I only use mousse (never gels) sometimes because that makes my hair crunchy, and I don't particularly enjoy that, but either way, it doesn't get rid of the poof in the back. I don't go crazy on hair masks and oils (as most of both of them make my hair oily or give no results), but once in a while, I do try masks. I've tried banana, oatmeal, olive oil, coconut oil, honey (they either get stuck on my hair or make it oily, so I do not continue doing them :( ). I've tried curl definers. Nada. I've also tried curling the poofy part with my fingers with lots of product - still looks poofy and the curls fall off! I have also tried different shampoos, no shampoos, different conditioners. Still nothing.Is there anything else I could do?

1 Answer

you should try twisting your hair in 2 or 3 strand twists on your crown or your whole head.  I have a major frizz problem at the crown of my head and my bangs.  What I do to reduce the frizz is I leave all my conditioner on my hair- that really helps with cutting down the frizz, and when I apply my styler, I apply it to my soaking wet hair (that helps with frizz) take about a quarter sized amount of it, and I graze it in a downward motion on the whole top layer of my hair, then I apply my products regularly.  I make sure I don't diffuse my hair.  A diffuser just makes my crown a huge crunchy frizzy puff ball, what I do is I flip my head over and wrap my hair with a microfiber towel, and it'll look like a turban.  It really helps get rid of frizz.  I hope these tips help.