How should I do my hair?

I consider myself a 3B. I wash my hair every single day to go to school and on the weekends. I wet my hair in the shower and apply garnier fructis conditioner with no shampoo, and brush my hair out with a comb, barely rinsing out the conditioner. I then let my hair air dry throughout the entire day, occasionally putting in garnier fructis leave in conditioner. My scalp often feels tender and I think that washing out my hair everyday is really bad for my hair. My hair is out of control frizzy and I've tried a lot of things like mousse and hairspray and oils, but nothing seems to work. you're help is appreciated! thanks.

1 Answer

have you tried the loc method? In the mornings I wet my hair, put in leave-in conditioner, squish, then smooth olive oil through it (real oil) and the scrunch in lots of curl cream or gel. After wetting until my hair is dry I don't rake it and touch it as little as possible. Hope that help