How to I keep my hair from being frizzy and poofy while I'm on a boat?

I'm going to California for the 4th of July and I'm going on a boat and I just know that my hair will get poofy and frizzy because of the wind while the boat is moving. I just need to know what products could help minimize the poof and frizz. By the way I have type 3c hair

2 Answers

i would say put like a gel as it has the most hold or one of those leave ins that are gel like. I recommend Kinky-curly knot today or as I am styling gel. If u can wear a hat :)
Sorry but you'll have to protect your hair. Gels and curling custards can minimize or delay the poofiness for a while but they aren't surefire cures. Consider wearing a hat or protective style while in the boat to maintain/preserve your hairstyle until you get off the boat.