How do I get my hair back to normal after using the wrong product?

My hair was doing good for several months just by sealing in water with oil. I decided to experiment with moisturizers. After a while  I thought my hair was over moisurized. I used Aubry GPB as a deep conditioner. My hair now feels too fine. It feels like baby hair. How long will it take to get back to normal? Is there anything I should do? I've noticed slight breakage on the ends. It's stringy, frizzy, too soft, and too fine. Please help! Thanks

2 Answers

I think as long as you stop using the product that changed your hair, it will eventually get back to how it use to be. Check out my video on some of my favorite products for natural hair, it might help =)
You can try using a sulfate shampoo! Especially if you believe the product is still in/ actively acting on your hair. This should wash the product away, but make sure to at least condition (deep conditioning is recommended) after doing so.