I have 3A hair best I can tell and it is always frizzy! HELP

I have tried all different products of the years including having it chemically straightened and which I hated, and I always have frizzy hair and dry scalp.  Please Help

1 Answer

It sounds like your hair might need more moisture. I have 3a-3b hair and I know it needs more moisture when it gets frizzy. I would suggest using natural conditioners (with no cones) that are for dry or damaged hair, as well as using a leave in conditioner. Try to only shampoo once a week but condition every day. Also use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair when its wet. You should notice your hair to change and become less frizzy within 2-3 weeks (thats how long it took my hair). You could also look at getting a natural hair serum that is designed to eliminate frizz. After you condition, rinse and apply leave in conditioner you could try scrunching a hair gel into your hair. Once the gel has formed a shell you scrunch you hair again and you hair should be soft, frizz free and curly. You might also want to google the Curly Girl method it really helped me and it seems to have helped heaps of other women with curly hair.Hope this helps :)