I have corkicelli and corkscrew curls. I usually straighten my hair but my ends are damaged now.

Sometimes straightening my hair takes too long. But I feel like i have to straighten my hair.But I want to wear my hair curly but its so poofy and frizzy and i hate it so much. I need a way for it to lay down flat instead of after showering i have a big puff ball afro. I need some tips.

2 Answers

I was much the same until 7 months ago when I decided to go natural (I used to blow dry and straighten)  For the damage I had a 3inch cut and used aphrogee 2step treatments and regular protein conditioners which helped bring my curl back to the heat trained ends.  For moisture I've always used coconut oil, even when my hair was straight, deep condition and leave ins, I like the shea moisture range and make my own flax seed gel.  Its what works for you, trial and error and educating yourself on your own hair. This website has been great for my transitioning period and I have learnt alot.
Learn hydrating and handling and styling techniques that work for your hair and then you'll get beautiful curls instead of frizz.  :)