I have type 3a hair. no matter what product, my hair will never dry WITHOUT frizz. any suggestions?

4 Answers

I have the same problem!! But I have less frizz when I wet my hair at night add shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and braid my hair. Also don't forget to seal! I use olive oil it works well
Some curls are just more prone to frizz than others. A lot of people go for "less frizz" as opposed to "no frizz" to be realistic. Make sure your products are really moisturizing. KCKT is my favorite leave in ever. Switch up your products too. Maybe a stronger hold gel would help, or a different gel. You could also be glycerin sensitive so watch out for humectants. Wash and Gos don't work for a lot of people, so try the braiding method mentioned by Frizzy_Rhiannon or twisting.
A lot of people talk about frizz as if its a terrible thing. There's nothing wrong with a little frizz. That being said without doing the following things I would have a lot more than a little frizz...-Detangle your hair in the shower with conditioner in your hair and then just slightly rinse out come of the conditioner.-Use lots of leave-in conditioner!-I love the Cantu Sheabutter leave in repair conditioning cream because it mouisturizes and defines the curl so its like a one step process for me! (Its so long I know!)-Dry ur hair with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt (before putting in ur leaveins!)-Lastly Deep Condition once a week this makes a huge difference!Hope this helps! 
Have you tried the LOC or LCO method? After you've cowashed and your hair is still wet use a liquid/leave in (L) for moisture and slip, then an oil to seal (O) or Cream to define the curls(C) (depending what you like best but I prefer LCO). I do not have as much frizz as before since I use this method, hope it works! Good luck