I have type 3b hair, and I need a product that prevents frizz. Any suggestions?

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i use coconut oil on wet hair with some sleek and shine leave in conditoner 


I agree with NikkiG, prevention is key! I have products that work great for me, but I found that they don't make much of a difference as much as what I do with my hair. Since using a silk pillowcase, plopping with an old t-shirt instead of using a regular towel to dry my hair, and throwing out combs and brushes I have way less frizz. But, if it helps I use Nature's Gate aloe vera conditioner, and I alternate between Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel and Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus curl smoothie for styling products. 


People rave Curly Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions. Its good to control frizz. I believe that frizz control actually starts with prevention. Keeping your splits ends at bay but cutting them. Also sleeping on a satin pillowcase to make sure your hair is getting tugged all over the place. 

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